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Morris Motley Clay Conditioning Shampoo

Mineral rich foaming treatment to cleanse and condition. Massage into hair and scalp, rinse thoroughly.

Cleansing your hair with clay is a natural alternative to harsh chemicals. Absorbent, binding to impurities and removing toxins like magnet. Nourish your hair and scalp and thoroughly cleansing it. Dandruff will be reduced, hair will be prepared without the frizz.

Infused with reishi mushroom which aids in the reduction of hair loss by supressing DHT (hormone commonly responsible for men’s hair loss) Reishi mushroom is an antioxidant that stimulates blood flow, resulting in thinking hair and healthier scalp.



$ 75

Morris Motley Matte Styling Balm

The latest formulation of the balm, supreme performance, non greasy, moisture absorbing. Naturally derived botanical extractions.

With a goal of reinventing the whole concept behind men’s hair products. Moving away from a dominating tendency of using cheap, basic ingredients in mens hair care products, Morris Motley develops high-quality formulations that respect and nurture the unique biochemistry of both hair and scalp.

Book an appointment to learn how best to apply this in your hair.

$ 75
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