Fatboy Perfect Putty - $40

Fatboy Perfect Putty


The putty that started it all.
Smooth & creamy to the touch, once applied, Fatboy Perfect Putty will give your hair that all important matte finish, and a second day texture from day one.

Take a small amount of Perfect Putty, (around the size of a nickel or a dime) rub well between your hands until you feel some friction and the putty feels smooth. Rake through your hair and style accordingly.

You want that matte second-day “i woke up like this” hair from day one.

Formulated with Kaolin to give it that gritty texture.

For long hair: Apply to towel dried hair from roots to ends, blow dry as desired for a fuller, soft, malleable matte finish. For short hair: Apply to towel dried hair and style as desired to produce a messy, bed head type feel. Air dry into hair for the perfect separation and fullness.



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